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ShinEtsu Silicone grease 

Greases and oil compounds :

Silicone greases start with a base oil of silicone fluid, to which are added various additives and fillers (metal soap, etc.). Silicone greases exhibit thermal oxidation stability over a wide temperature range, offer good moisture-resistance, and are used primarily for lubrication.
Silicone oil compounds are products with a grease-like consistency. They are produced by blending materials such as silica powder into a base oil of silicone fluid. They exhibit thermal oxidation stability over a wide temperature range and have outstanding electrical properties and water repellency. Silicone oil compounds are used primarily in electrical insulators and seals, and for heat dissipation and water repellency.


Heat and cold resistance

Because the silicone fluid base oil has good resistance to heat and cold, the drop point is high, there is little oil separation, and volatile content is low.

Moisture resistance

These products have good resistance to water and moisture. Silicone greases can be left underwater for long periods; the surface will turn white, but there is almost no internal change.


The silicone fluid base oil is chemically inactive, so these products pose almost no risk to humans and animals.


Excellent performance even when used in small amounts.


Typical Products

Category Applications Grade Features
Greases Low-temperature lubrication G-30 Series Suitable for lubrication in extremely low temperature applications, in which petroleum greases cannot be used
High-temperature lubrication G-40 Series Suitable for lubrication of sealed bearings, Performance complies with MIL-L-15719A.
G-420 Good lubrication particularly at high temperatures
Solvent-resistant lubricant FG-720 Series Especially good boundary lubrication and solvent resistance
Plastic lubrication G-501 Does not cause stress cracking in plastic, Good lubrication for steel on steel
Adhesive applications (torque, damper) G-330 Series General purpose
G-340 Series For low temperature applications, Little change in torque values in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +60°C
G-630 Series For bearings, Good feel, Base oil is non-silicone
Oil compounds Electrical insulation, seals KS-62F Heat-resistant, Paste consistency
KS-62M Heat-resistant
KS-63W General purpose
KS-64F General purpose, Paste
KS-64 Performance meets MIL-S-8660B specifications. General purpose
Insulator protection in salty air, electrical insulation KS-63G Complies with JRS standards
Heat dissipation KS-609 Thermal conductivity: 0.73W/m·K, General purpose
KS-613 Thermal conductivity: 0.76 W/m·K, Suitable for thermister potting
G-747 Thermal conductivity: 0.90W/m·K
G-775 Thermal conductivity: 3.6 W/m·K, Highly resistant to "pump-out"
G-776 Thermal conductivity: 1.3 W/m·K*, Low viscosity, and yet low oil bleed, Solvent-diluted type
G-777 Thermal conductivity: 3.3 W/m·K, All-purpose type
G-765 Thermal conductivity: 2.9W/m·K, Main application: IGBT
G-750 Thermal conductivity: 3.5W/m·K, Main application: IGBT
G-751 Thermal conductivity: 4.5W/m·K, Main application: CPU
X-23-7762 Thermal conductivity: 4.0 W/m·K (6.0W/m·K*), Solvent-diluted type, Main application: CPU
X-23-7783D Thermal conductivity: 3.5 W/m·K (5.5W/m·K*), Solvent-diluted type, Main application: CPU
X-23-7868-2D Thermal conductivity: 3.6W/m·K (6.2W/m·K*), Solvent-diluted type, Main application: CPU
X-23-7921-5 Thermal conductivity: 6.0W/m·K, Main application: CPU
Electrical conduction KS-660 Suitable for untistatic sealing
KS-660B High lubricity version of KS-660
High vacuum seals HIVAC-G Good thermo-oxidative stability and chemical stability, Can be used for high vacuums of 10-6Torr
Rustproof seals KS-622 Good rustproofing effect on copper
Valve seals KS-65A Suitable for sealing and lubrication of valves, stopcocks, and packing of common chemical equipment
Silicone rubbers KS-650N Does not cause swelling of silicone rubber, Good electrical insulation
KS-651 Does not cause swelling of silicone rubber, Good electrical properties and temperature characteristics
Optical applications OPTSEAL Good light transmissivity, Refractive index (25°C) 1.4690, Non-flowable
OPTSEAL-L Good light transmissivity, Refractive index (25°C) 1.4690, Slightly flowable

* After evaporation of solvent

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